Brad Pitt Is Back – Thanks To Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Brad Pitt has the last laugh when it comes to his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Brad and Leonardo DiCaprio have the leading roles, only Leo’s part is MUCH bigger and far more melodramatic than Brad’s Once you see the movie, you realize WHY Brad took the role as Leo’s character’s cash-strapped stuntman. Brad’s stuntman is not only adorable (especially in that Caddy convertible) but he is deliciously relaxed and LIKEABLE. Leo’s has-been actor is egotistical and desperate, all the while chainsmoking and repulsively spitting in public. The 1970’s Hollywood scenes in the movie are HEAVENLY (remember when it was ok to hitchhike?) – the big cars were GORGEOUS, and there was NO TRAFFIC. Tarantino felt compelled to add some ultra violent scenes for his immature male fans, and THAT 45 minutes should be cut from the movie. But this movie is FUN, and Brad Pitt emerges as the cutie he used to be…

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