Rihanna Is Still Trying To Excuse Chris Brown’s Brutal Behavior


Rihanna’s frank discussion with Oprah about the night she was assaulted by her boyfriend Chris Brown is sadly in character with the way many women react when beaten by their loved one. Shockingly, Rihanna described the vicious attack as a “cry for help.” She, like many women, didn’t want to believe that the man who had been their best friend and lover was capable of such deliberate brutality. So they try to conjure up an excuse, or even blame themselves. He couldn’t help it – he lost his temper. He didn’t mean it. She worried about HIM being called a monster! It’s awful to suffer the humiliation of being beaten, AND lose the person you love in one fell swoop. Rihanna desperately wanted to find a reason to forgive him because she still loved him. Horrified fans made that difficult to do at the time, but if Rihanna doesn’t wise up and realize that Chris is an arrogant and brutal man responsible for his own actions, she still might take him back.

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