Honey Boo Boo: Here Comes Your Worst Nightmare

The phenomenon of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” has become inescapable so we just HAD to watch the TLC reality series. Needless to say, it is profoundly disturbing. Many people who live on the East and West coasts snobbishly think this series is representative of the rural culture of the Southern states in America and this show will do nothing to dissuade them. This particular “Deliverance” inspired hillbilly family tries to show how happy-go-lucky they are in spite of having limited assets. The really scary thing about this family is the profound and aggressive ignorance and total lack of desire for self improvement. No education and no ambition. There’s no job-hunting going on here. Pregnant teenagers. Disdain for manners. Obesity while gobbling junk food. Lack of cleanliness and parental guidance. Horrifying enough to make anyone watching feel evolved and fortunate. Worst of all, we HATE the idea of viewers around the world forming opinions about Americans based on this show!

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