Lindsay Lohan Even Steals From Her “friends”

There’s more to this Lindsay Lohan $100,000 jewelry heist than meets the eye. You’ll recall Lindsay was at an all night party at the house of a rich guy namedSam Magid when the host noticed jewelry and electronics missing from his house. He called the cops and named Lindsay and her posse as suspects. Later he changed his mind and decided not to pursue the matter. And we hear it’s not the first time he suspected Lindsay of stealing from his house. This guy Sam Magid is a wealthy but not particularly compelling person who’s desperate to be in the “In Crowd” in Hollywood. He throws lavish parties, hoping to make friends with celebrities and buy his way into their good graces. He considers Lindsay a big star and she introduces him to people. So he DOESN’T want to jeopardize his social connection Lindsay by getting her locked up in jail! Obviously she takes advantage of him. Insiders believe that Lindsay helped her friends jack the merchandise from Sam’s house, knowing he wouldn’t pursue the matter. What a bunch of pathetic people.

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