Slash’s Experience With David Bowie Brings Back Memories

Recently Slash of Guns N Roses talked about catching his mother naked withDavid Bowie. It brought back memories because his late mother Ola Hudsonused to be a customer in the store called The Garment District that we owned on Sunset Strip in the early 70’s. Ola was a delightful and fashionable black woman with distinct “rich-hippie” style. She was very connected and made clothes for rock stars and shopped for them as well. Often Ola brought her cute little boy Saul(Slash) along. She dressed David Bowie for some of his most important tours and evidently they had an affair. It all makes sense. David always appreciated smart black women. Back in those days, David was rather pan-sexual and seemed to like both sexes. Later he admitted her preferred the company of women. One thing we DO remember- Slash had a really nice mother.

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