Heidi Klum Is Better Off Without Him: Seal Shows His True Colors

Seal made it very clear WHY Heidi Klum divorced him when he lashed out at her for being romantically inked with her bodyguard. Since she filed for divorce in April after a four month separation, Heidi has protected their children and never revealed exactly WHY she left Seal and she never commented on the divorce publicly or criticized Seal. She’s been as discreet as Katie Holmes. Seal, on the other hand, couldn’t STOP talking about his divorce in interviews promoting his new album. And he has several times been photographed frolicking with attractive women. The very IDEA of Heidi getting friendly with her bodyguard ENRAGED Seal and he exploded to the press that Heidi lacked class and he made a crack about her“fornicating with the help.” Of course, he had to demean the bodyguard too. Heidi’s was smart to give Seal his walking papers.

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