There’s Still Time To See Rob Lowe As Drew Peterson On Lifetime

If you are one of the unfortunate who have not yet seen the amazing Lifetime movie“Drew Peterson: Untouchable,” don’t miss it, whatever you do. It’s better than most theater movies we’ve seen this year. We always considered Rob Lowe as something of a pretty boy and never expected to be bowled over by a performance. But he turned himself into an arrogant, misogynistic Chicago cop before our very eyes. The accent and the attitude are perfect. While the entire cast is excellent, the writer deserves the most accolades. You knew immediately this script was written by a woman because most men have never see these subtle and revealing traits and behavior in another man. Sadly, many women have encountered men a little bit like Peterson. Teena Booth is the scriptwriter who captured this monster to perfection. See it soon. It will chill you to the bone.
(Above left, the REAL Drew, and Rob right – it’s amazing what a mustache can do to a handsome face like Rob’s.)

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