Paul Haggis Says The Vanity Fair Scientology Story Is Absolutely True

We applaud Paul Haggis for verifying the Tom Cruise Scientology expose inVanity Fair this month. We’ve HEARD about Tom Cruise “auditioning” for new girlfriends and this article proves it all. Back in 2004, single Tom was desperate for a new mate so David Miscavige’s wife arranged a fake “audition” for aScientology training film and contacted all the pretty actresses she could locate in the cult to read for a part. Beautiful Iranian born actress Nazinin Boniadi (above) was selected for Tom, given a quick make-over, and told to sign a confidentiality agreement. After her first meeting with Tom, Nazinin became aware that this might be an arranged marriage. Cruise’s immediate affection overwhelmed her. She moved into his house but the romance ended in January 2005. Tom decided he wanted a woman with her own career and three months later he was photographed with Katie Holmes. Boniadi broke down and confessed the story to a friend, violating her confidentiality agreement. She was punished with hard labor and eventually got a job on General Hospital and left Scientology. Tom’s rep dismissed the story with “LIES sell magazines,” but so does the truth. And former Scientologist and noted filmmaker Paul Haggis has backed up Nazinin’s story in every detail.

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