Maria’s No Dummy – She Knew Arnold Was A Cheater Before She Married Him!

Let’s clear something up right now. When it comes to Arnold cheating, MariaKNEW. Arnold was cheating on Maria long before they got married and she had plenty of time to change her mind. He really appreciated women and made passes in the gym and on movie sets. And plenty of girls responded favorably to attention from Mr Olympia or Arnold the Movie Star. Arnold didn’t lie or make promises – he just liked sex. The tabloids detailed his many flings, including the one with BrigitteNielsen. We clearly recall Arnold making a movie in Mexico and stories came back about him having wild affair with an actress in the movie. It was well documented and months BEFORE he married Maria. Of course, Arnold’s boorish womanizing is not excusable, but it was common knowledge at the time, and Maria chose to marry him ANYWAY. Why did she do it?

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