Crybaby Kate Moss Seems To Have Forgotten She’s Had A Charmed Life

Kate Moss, 38, did an awful lot of complaining in her interview with Vanity Fair. She made it sound like being a supermodel is a huge headache and the job is almost unbearable. Considering she’s a petite 5’7” and managed to make it to the top of the modeling biz, one would think she’d be surprised and delighted. She seems to remember the physically trying times but not the enormous paychecks and perks. She also dismisses her party reputation and insists she really didn’t have all that much fun. When Kate was with Johnny Depp they seemed to be really in love (and got engaged) but she brought out a temperamental side to him and he trashed a NY hotel room. It was out of character for him. It seemed to be a passionate, drug fueled romance. Kate doesn’t say WHY she left Johnny but admits she cried over him for six years. She really doesn’t seem like a happy girl – and she SHOULD be. What a life she’s had!
Photo via: Vanity Fair

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