Nicole Kidman Opens Up- But Avoids Saying Anything Pertinent

Suddenly Nicole Kidman is making vague references to her marriage to Tom Cruise in Du Jour magazine, and she’s getting all KINDS of attention – simply because she has always been mum on the subject. But if you take a close look at her carefully worded recollections, they NEVER mention Scientology nor do they reveal anything personal about Tom. She was a naïve 23 year old aspiring actress when she married the Hollywood star. (He likes them young and malleable) Nicole’s most revealing comment was “we lived in a bubble and became very dependant on each other.” Tom separates his wives from their friends and family and HIS few friends are Scientologists. When he was asked why he divorced Nicole, Tom only said “NICOLE KNOWS WHY.” We think he caught her cheating. But Nicole has never addressed WHY they split. She’s happier with her life now and says “Before I was running away from life – now I embrace it.” Sounds exactly like Katie. (We can just picture Tom and his Scientology buddies going over Nicole’s interview with a fine tooth comb)

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