Calvin Klein’s Exboyfriend Says He Is Not Gay

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Calvin Klein’s Exboyfriend Says He Is Not Gay

Page Six Magazine featured an interview with Calvin Klein’s exboyfriendNick Gruber, with whom our readers are already familiar. Gruber is shopping around a book about their relationship called “Obsession: My Life with Calvin Klein.” Nick, 48 years younger than Klein, says he was “the first man Calvin fell in love with.” (Hmmm…) He went on to say modestly“There’s something about me that attracts everyone.” The big romance lasted a year and a half and ended in April. Calvin had taught Nick all kinds of things- including how to roll up his sleeves like a man. (Roll the cuffs up twice and push the sleeve above the elbow. See Calvin in photo above.) Nick insists he wasn’t with the multimillionaire Klein for the money, but Calvin gave him a $250,000 Bentley and took it back after they broke up over Nick’s drug use. Nick also insists he is straight and prefers dating women although he is now seeing John Luciano, a well off relative of mobster Lucky Luciano. If he really prefers women, why does he only datewealthy men? We’ll have to read the book. Of course, if Calvin gives the Bentley back, we have a feeling the book won’t happen…

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