Kim Kardashian And Animals Are A Perilous Combination

That whole episode with Kim Kardashian’s white kitten has left a bad taste in our mouths – and we pretty much saw it coming. Kim has never liked animals and considers them “dirty” so why did her boyfriend Kanye Westgive her a pet in the first place? And WORST OF ALL, Kanye heartlessly ignored all the beautiful doomed cats and kittens available in shelters, and instead chose to BUY one from a “breeder.” That kind of ignorance is hard to forgive in a celebrity. The first time Kim held the kitten she was very uncomfortable and asked her sister Khloe to carry it. Then all of a sudden, after excessively using it as a prop on her TV show, Kim realized she was “allergic” to the kitten and ended up giving it to Khloe’s assistant. The four month old kitten just died from a virus associated with breeding and of course, Kim is weeping crocodile tears. Can these people do nothing right?

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