Barbra Streisand And Lady Gaga: A Match Made In Heaven

Suddenly it’s dawned on us why Barbra Streisand was so adamant about looking young in the billboards and ads for her new movie “The Guilt Trip.” It’s because she wants to star as Mama Rose, the fiftyish character in “Gypsy” – the movie remake she’s been struggling to put together. Barbra, 70, plans to direct the movie and hopes to convince producers and investors that she’s not too old to play the Mama Rose character made famous by Ethel Merman and Rosalind Russell. Barbra would LOVE to cast Lady Gaga to play her character’s mousey daughter who grows up to be the flamboyant stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. That WOULD be brilliant casting, but it’s the first Gaga has heard of it. We wonder what SHE thinks about playing second fiddle to Barbra…

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