Seth Rogan Called Barbra Streisand “an Old Jewish Lady!

Seth Rogen made some incredibly off the wall comments about his “Guilt Trip”costar Barbra Streisand yesterday. (Maybe he’s tired of doing most of the work promoting the film.) When asked how it felt working with such an “icon,” Seth quipped “To me, she’s just like an old Jewish lady – I WASN’T the biggest fan on earth. She knows how to annoy people and I know what it’s like to be annoyed BY people. She feeds you a lot and then criticizes you for eating too much.” He admitted Barbra DID give him a gift – socks and underwear from The Gap. Seth also had unexpected comments about Barbra’s husband James Brolin – “her husband is sexy and rugged – he’s the most masculine man I’ve ever been around.” Wonder what Barbra thought about all this….

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