Jessica Simpson Is Giving Weight Watchers A Bad Name

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Jessica Simpson Is Giving Weight Watchers A Bad Name

What the heck is going on with Jessica Simpson? Everything she does seems motivated by that four million dollar contract she has with Weight Watchers. After she claimed to gain 70 pounds in baby weight, she gave birth to Maxwell in May, and started desperately trying to lose weight so she could fulfill her Weight Watchers deal. Following a highly visible struggle, she seemed to start making progress when she surprised everyone by getting pregnant again. She still refuses to acknowledge the fact. Recently, she did a photo shoot for WW – while loudly CLAIMING to have lost 50 pounds. In the photos she’s wearing “fat clothes” – the kind of layered stuff women wear when they feel bloated, and she’s far from slim. Has she admitted to Weight Watchers that she is pregnant again? Will it alter herpayday with them? She’s being very secretive and not very honest. We’re starting not to trust Weight Watchers, either!

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