A Plea To Media: Please Stop Paying Samantha Markle For Interviews!

Many people have that one crackpot in the family that everyone tries to avoid. When Meghan Markle got engaged to Prince Harry, she realized that person in HER family was her 17 years older half-sister Samantha. (Born Yvonne Markle, Samantha divorced twice and changed her name to Samantha Grant UNTIL Meghan and Harry hooked up, then she hastily changed back to Markle) Coincidentally or not, Samantha is estranged from her own 3 children, her mother (who calls her “an embarrassment”) her brother, and, of course, Meghan. Samantha is also banned on Twitter for “bullying.” When asked about making money off her half-sister, Samantha haughtily replied “I’ve worked in media all my life – why stop now just because my sister is a Royal?” Despite minimal contact through the years, Samantha has declared herself an expert on Meghan and has already written a tell-all book. She seems determined to demolish this Royal marriage. You have to admire Meghan for controlling her feelings about this opportunistic half-sister. If only the press would STOP PAYING this appalling woman …

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