What’s Bad About Sharon Osbourne Leaving The Talk

First of all, we don’t necessarily think Sharon Osbourne is a racist – that important word is tossed around much too freely these days. However we DO think Sharon was wrong to defend the obnoxious Piers Morgan. Sure he – and everyone else – has a right to their OPINION. But we don’t have to LIKE him calling Meghan Markle a liar, among other things. His personal vendetta against her should be kept personal. We also didn’t like Sharon BLAMING producers and showrunners for “blindsiding” her. She said what she said. For many years we have covered Ozzie and Sharon, and all sources indicated that she is basically NOT a nice person, and like Morgan, sometimes feeds her own ego by demeaning others. (We totally BELIEVE Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini’s comments about Sharon.) She has always also been quite vulgar in her language (remember all the bleeps on the Osbournes reality show?) We were surprised that she could tone herself DOWN sufficiently for The Talk. Now she’s leaving the show and we have two complaints: #1 -Is she really being paid TEN million dollars to leave? That sounds SO wrong!
#2- The Talk has been slipping alarmingly in the ratings for the past year, and might be canceled. If it IS canceled, we predict Sharon will brag that it’s because SHE left!

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