Justin Bieber’s Tragic Ferrari Photographer Was Only A Threat To Himself

Here we go with the BLAME BLAME BLAME again. The devastating death of young photographer Chris Guerra cannot be blamed on Justin Bieber, whose car he was following, OR on the lack of paparazzi laws. Bieber’s friend, who was driving the Ferrari, was pulled over for speeding, NOT the paparazzi. When Guerra stopped and attempted to photograph the cops ticketing the driver (whom he believed to be Justin) they told him to get back to his car across the street. Sadly, the distracted photographer didn’t think and walked into traffic where he was hit by a car. We side with the paparazzi – it’s not fair or necessary to legislate anti-paparazzi laws. Speeding and reckless driving are already against the law for everyone. We’ve never understood why celebrities try to out-speed paparazzi – no one is trying to kill them. The photographer in this case did no wrong and put HIMSELF in harm’s way.

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