A Closer Look At The Chrissy Teigen-courtney Stodden Situation

How refreshing it was to hear Chrissy Teigen’s open apology and admission of guilt to the nasty bullying charges made against her by Courtney Stodden. It’s not often you hear an accused party totally admit to guilt and apologize profusely. Chrissy admitted she was “an attention-seeking troll “ ten years ago when she attacked Stodden on Twitter. She went on to say “I’m ashamed and mortified and sad at who I used to be” It was a nice apology, but was it driven by fear of what Chrissy might LOSE if she did not handle this delicate situation correctly? She does have books, various TV cooking projects, a modeling career and a Target deal that theoretically COULD be jeopardized by the present cancel culture. Keep in mind, Courtney Stodden is not a very sympathetic character- she WAS 16 when she married a 51 year old man ten years ago, but observers weren’t sympathetic because she dressed like a stripper. However, Chrissy’s tweets WERE inexcusable. We hope she really DID learn her lesson.

Photo: Vogue Thailand

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