Scientology: Yet Another Embarrassing Book

Another blow for Scientology- and we couldn’t be happier. Pulitzer prize winningauthor Lawrence Wright has a new book called “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.” It’s a very detailed well-documented expose that verifies many things we’ve always suspected. A few tidbits: Scientology leaderDavid Miscavige viewed Tom Cruise’s exwife Nicole Kidman as “a goldigger who faked Scientology.” She nearly succeeded in pulling Tom away from the cultbut eventually they tightened their grip and got rid of her. The fact that Tom is in awe of David Miscavige is apparent by the fact that he modeled his naval officer in“A Few Good Men” after Miscavige’s commanding personality. We can’t wait to read about the cult’s massive real estate holdings in Los Angeles.There’s a lot of juicy stuff in this book,so if you need another reason to dislike Scientology, read it.

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