We Knew Something Was Up With Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka did a photoshoot for Frankies Bikinis at my LA house and I sensed SOMETHING was wrong. At first I thought she might have regretted doing the deal with Frankies, because posing in a bikini can be embarrassing even for professional models. Naomi looked great in the suits, but they had her wear a pink wig and she did not look happy. In fact, we never saw her smile all day – with or without the camera. And we never saw her chat with anyone on the set in a relaxed manner. The resulting photos will no doubt sell a lot of swimsuits, but her face looked painfully uncomfortable in every one. Now we understand – she revealed that she is introverted and suffers from social anxiety. Those press conferences must have been torture for her. She deserves a break…

Photo: Frankies Bikinis

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