Jessica Alves Wants A Womb Transplant So She Can Give Birth!

Jessica Alves is now in Brazil, hoping to become the first transgender woman to have a womb transplant. AND have a baby! It was only last February that she became a woman after sex reassignment surgery, and already she says she will only feel truly complete if she can give birth! We still wonder WHERE she gets the mountains of money she spends on surgeries, travel and designer clothes. Since her only known job was on Big Brother UK, she must have very indulgent parents. Apparently doctors in Brazil theorize that since womb transplants have been successful for women, they might work for a transgender woman. Womb donors would consist of dead donors or women who transitioned to become men and had wombs removed. (Think about it- someday there might be banks of donated sex organs available to aspiring transgender people!) Jessica, 38, has already frozen her sperm for her IVF pregnancy (with a donated egg) if she has a successful womb transplant. She’s hoping for a “brood of children.” Right now she’s taking tests and exams before the operation to make sure she’s an ideal candidate.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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