Bianca Jagger Has Always Been A Cheapskate

We were highly amused to read about Bianca Jagger resenting being called a tightwad after an incident in Austria. It seems Bianca was in Austria when she lost a ring that she said was worth $250,000, according to Page Six. A local man found and returned the ring, and expected a 5% reward, which is the LAW in Austria. Bianca immediately said she was “mistaken” about the value of the ring and it was only worth $12,500. She offered the guy $1,250 and now he is taking her to court. We’re here to say that Bianca IS a cheapskate – even more so than her exhusband Mick Jagger. Back in the 70’s, we had a clothing store on Sunset Strip frequented by rock stars and Bianca, who was married to Mick at the time, came in. She spent a lot of time picking out and trying on an armload of expensive clothes and dumped them all on the counter. When the cashier started adding up the prices she freaked and gasped “Do you know who I AM?” She expected the get the clothes FREE because she was married to Mick (who paid full price for his own stuff – more on that, another time) We explained it was a small shop and we couldn’t afford to give clothes away to anybody. When it became clear that she wasn’t getting her selections for free, she stormed out and we never saw her again. (Above, Bianca and Mick at their daughter Jade’s wedding last year))

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