The Kardashians, Among Others, Can’t Take A Joke!

What happened to everybody’s sense of humor? This silly Ford ad, which was leaked but never published or used in any way, has caused the mischievous ad agency employees responsible to be fired and Kardashian lawyers are threatening a lawsuit! Apologies are flying all over the place! Feminists are riled up! What’s WRONG with you people? Don’t you know a JOKE when you see one? The “ad” was captioned ”Leave Your Worries Behind.” Paris Hilton is gleefully driving the three bound and gagged Kardashian sisters who stole Paris’s fame and popularity, in the roomy Ford trunk. Obviously Paris sees the humor in it because she’s the only one not complaining – about an ad that was never used. Stop overanalyzing- it’s a funny mock-up, nothing more.

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