Imagine That! Kendall Jenner Thinks Being Called “skinny” Is An Insult!

Let’s face it, models and actresses can’t be too skinny. 5’10” Kendall Jennerhas been described as “too skinny” by people who have nothing to do with the beauty or entertainment business, and Kendall takes it as an insult – she thinks it’s the same as calling someone “too fat.” Fact is, in Hollywood – ‘too skinny’ – is about the best compliment most women can hear. And “too fat” is one of the worst criticisms. “Too skinny” means a woman’ s hard work in the gym and dieting have paid off and others are noticing, and may be a teensy bit jealous. So wise up, Kendall, and hope that “too skinny” is the worst thing people ever say about you!

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