Worst Dressed: Catherine Deneuve’s Fashion Disaster at Cannes Festival

Catherine Deneuve

This article was last updated on May 18, 2023

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Cannes Festival Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival is an event where the focus is just as much on the fashion as it is on the film premieres. This year’s red carpet saw a range of styles- from the most elaborate and glamorous to the more modest and classy. However, not all the styles are a hit and there are always a few that fail to impress. One such celebrity this year was Catherine Deneuve.

Catherine Deneuve’s Fashion Blunder

Catherine Deneuve is undoubtedly a legend in the film industry and has been a style icon for years. However, her outfit on the red carpet this year was a complete disaster. The dress, in particular, was a huge letdown.

The top of the dress was the worst part of it. The design made her neck appear shorter than usual and the sleeves had the effect of making her look like she is shrugging all the time. The body of the dress was not any better- it made her look square and heavy- almost like a refrigerator.She seemed extremely uncomfortable in the dress, which is understandable given the tight and unforgiving fit. A softer and looser dress would have definitely done more justice to her beauty and grace.

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