Anderson Cooper’s promotion granted after complaints about CNN gig


This article was last updated on June 8, 2023

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Back on May 14 we reported that Anderson Cooper was fed up with his gig on CNN after Donald Trump’s disastrous town hall. We revealed that Anderson was threatening to quit because he didn’t agree with the direction the newer CEO, Chris Licht was guiding the network. Plus Anderson wanted more control over programming. Anderson had some serious meetings with CNN and less than a month later he got his wish. Chris was terminated this week and our source says Anderson was given a private promotion. That means he has the same title, but now has more power to decide what airs.

Anderson Cooper’s Promotion

Anderson Cooper has received a private promotion in the aftermath of his complaints about his gig on CNN. Our sources have confirmed that the new promotion grants him more power over programming, essentially giving him more control over what airs on the network.

Anderson Cooper’s Complaints

Back in May, after a widely criticized town hall featuring Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper was reported to be unhappy with the direction that the network was taking. Specifically, he felt that the newly appointed CEO, Chris Licht, was not doing a good job and that he didn’t have enough control over programming. It seems that these complaints have been taken seriously by CNN, who have responded by promoting Cooper and giving him more power.

Chris Licht’s Termination

In a surprising move this week, Chris Licht was terminated as the CEO of CNN. While it is not clear if this move was directly related to Anderson Cooper’s complaints, it is clear that they were a factor in the decision. Licht had only been in the role for a short time before he was let go, possibly suggesting that CNN was not happy with the direction in which he was taking the network.

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