Ivanka Trump is Planning a Tribute to Her Mother Ivana

Ivanka trump

This article was last updated on September 12, 2023

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Ivanka Trump is Planning a Tribute to Her Mother Ivana

It’s no secret that out of the three kids the late Ivana Trump had with her ex-husband Donald, she was closest to her daughter, Ivanka. According to a family friend, Ivanka wants to honor her mom by publishing a coffee table book on her opulent life. From big hair to extravagant jewels and palatial mansions, Ivana had a lavish style all her own. Although Ivanka prefers a more toned down aesthetic, she appreciates her mom’s love of glamour. She’s sorting through a lifetime of photos and writing anecdotes to accompany the chosen snapshots in her book.

A Tribute to Ivana Trump’s Opulent Lifestyle

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Ivana Trump, is planning a special tribute to her mother. Ivana, known for her extravagant lifestyle, will be celebrated in a lavish coffee table book. Ivanka, who has a more toned down aesthetic, wants to honor her mother’s love and appreciation for glamour.

Sorting Through a Lifetime of Photos

For this tribute project, Ivanka Trump is meticulously sorting through a lifetime of photographs featuring her mother, Ivana. From Ivana’s big hair to her extravagant jewels and palatial mansions, the book will capture the opulence that defined Ivana’s life. Ivanka is carefully selecting the snapshots that best represent her mother’s style.

Writing Anecdotes to Accompany the Snapshots

Alongside the selected snapshots, Ivanka Trump is also writing anecdotes to provide a personal touch to the coffee table book. These anecdotes will enhance the readers’ understanding of Ivana’s opulent life and showcase the special bond between mother and daughter.

Preserving the Legacy of Ivana Trump

Ivanka Trump’s tribute project ultimately aims to preserve the legacy of her mother, Ivana Trump. Through the publication of this coffee table book, readers will get a glimpse into the extravagant and glamorous world that Ivana inhabited. It serves as a celebration of her life and the impact she had on those around her, especially her daughter Ivanka.

A Look into Ivana Trump’s Glamorous Life

Ivana Trump, an iconic figure known for her impeccable sense of style, will have her opulent life documented in this tribute book. From her renowned fashion choices to her luxurious homes, the book will provide a detailed look into the extravagant lifestyle Ivana led.

An Intimate Connection Between Mother and Daughter

Ivanka Trump’s tribute to her mother goes beyond showcasing Ivana’s opulent life. It also highlights the deep and intimate connection between them. Despite having different personal styles, Ivanka appreciates and embraces her mother’s love for glamour, and this project serves as a testament to their bond.


Ivanka Trump’s tribute project, a coffee table book dedicated to her mother, Ivana Trump, is a celebration of an opulent and glamorous life. Through carefully selected snapshots and personal anecdotes, Ivanka aims to honor her mother’s legacy and their special bond. This book will give readers an inside look into the world of Ivana Trump and serve as a lasting tribute to her remarkable life.

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