Why Chrissy Teigen Told Her Wedding Guests What to Wear

Chrissy Teigen

This article was last updated on September 15, 2023

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Why Chrissy Teigen Told Her Wedding Guests What to Wear

We had the exclusive scoop about John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s plans to renew their vows in Lake Como on September 16, and now we are hearing that the bride plans to wear bright RED when she remarries her groom! According to our source, John and Chrissy have asked their guests to dress in formal black and white attire for the renewal ceremony, and Chrissy plans to really STAND OUT by being the lady in RED! She’s bringing a total of FIVE floor-length bright red couture gowns with her from various designers, including Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, and Versace, and she’ll choose which one to wear on the day of her renewal ceremony…Oh, and she also might change a few times!

Chrissy Teigen’s Wedding Renewal

Chrissy Teigen is known for her bold and stylish fashion choices, and it seems like she’s taking it up a notch for her wedding renewal ceremony. While most brides opt for traditional white or ivory gowns, Chrissy is going against the norm and choosing to wear a bright red dress. This decision may come as a surprise to some, but for Chrissy, it’s all about making a statement and standing out on her special day.

Guest Dress Code

Not only is Chrissy planning to wear red, but she’s also asked her guests to follow a dress code of formal black and white attire. By doing so, she’s ensuring that all eyes will be on her as the lady in red. This unique request adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the renewal ceremony, and it will be interesting to see how her guests interpret and adhere to the dress code.

The Power of Red

Red is a color often associated with love, passion, and celebration. By choosing red for her wedding renewal dress, Chrissy is making a powerful statement about her love for John and their commitment to each other. It’s a bold and romantic choice that symbolizes the intensity of their relationship and the joy they feel in celebrating their love once again.

The Designer Gowns

Chrissy is known for her impeccable style, and she’s not holding back when it comes to her wedding renewal attire. She’s bringing a total of five floor-length bright red couture gowns from top designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, and Versace. Each gown is a work of art, carefully crafted to make Chrissy look and feel stunning on her special day. By having multiple gown options, she has the freedom to choose the one that speaks to her the most on the day of the ceremony.

A Fashion Show

With five different gowns to choose from, Chrissy might even decide to change her outfit throughout the renewal ceremony. This would create a mini-fashion show, adding an exciting element to the event. It will be a treat for the guests to see Chrissy in different looks, showcasing her style and making the occasion even more memorable.

Inspiring Other Brides

Chrissy’s decision to wear a bright red dress for her wedding renewal may inspire other brides to think outside the box and choose something unconventional for their own ceremonies. It’s a reminder that weddings are about personal expression and celebrating love in a way that feels authentic to the couple. Whether it’s a unique dress color or an unconventional ceremony setting, Chrissy is showing that breaking traditions can result in a truly memorable and meaningful celebration.

A Celebration to Remember

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s wedding renewal ceremony is sure to be a celebration to remember. With Chrissy’s bold fashion choices and the elegant black and white dress code for guests, it’s bound to be a visually stunning event. The inclusion of multiple designer gowns and the possibility of outfit changes only adds to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the ceremony. We can’t wait to see Chrissy as the lady in red and witness the love and joy that radiate from this special day.

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