Angelina Pivarnick’s Mysterious ‘Ghost Advisor’ at a Shopping Spree

Angelina Pivarnick

This article was last updated on February 5, 2024

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Angelina Pivarnick: A Unique Celebrity Personality

Known for her antics on the captivating reality TV show, Jersey Shore, Angelina Pivarnick has always been one to draw the spotlight onto herself. However, it seems like her off-screen persona is even more enthralling and puzzling than what viewers get to see on the small screen. Admittedly, Pivarnick does not frequently become the focus of our gossip updates, but a recent incident involving a spiritual ‘ghost’ advisor stashed away in her handbag had us intrigued enough to share.

Ulta Beauty: The Scene of the Spectral-ly Intriguing Event

Earlier this week, our sources informed us that Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick was sighted shopping at an Ulta Beauty store located in suburban Newark, New Jersey. Pivarnick was busy adding various makeup products to her shopping basket when the entire store witnessed her interacting with what she claimed to be her spiritual advisor!

A Mystical Encounter at the Check-out Counter

Pivarnick was in line at the register when she engaged in a most extraordinary transaction. When her turn came, she opened her stylish handbag and brought out a diminutive box. Talking to the box as if to a person, she sought its opinion on whether she should subscribe to an Ulta Beauty credit card.

The ‘Ghost in the Box’

Leaving onlookers quite bewildered, the reality star then informed the box that it had a ‘yes’ for an answer from its spectral inhabitant. Following this unexpected approval, Pivarnick proceeded to get approved for her shopping expenditure that amounted to a grand total of $1,000. Initially, the store’s spectators assumed that she was pulling a prank. However, when the store clerk inquired about the proceedings, she revealed that the little box was a constant presence in her life. Truly leaving them flabbergasted, Pivarnick let them know that she relied heavily on the ‘ghost’ contained in the box for making significant decisions in her life.

The ‘Ghostly’ Advisor: A Supernatural Life Companion?

According to Pivarnick, she carries around the ‘ghost in the box’ wherever she goes. This latest reveal from the quirky cast member of Jersey Shore puts her in a new light, making her stand out even further from her eccentric co-stars. If anything, it simply reaffirms our belief that when it comes to being out of the ordinary, few can hold a candle to Angelina Pivarnick.

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