Demi Moore Can’t Live Without Her Astrologer

Demi Moore is dumber than we realized- no WONDER Ashton Kutcher left her. At first glance, Demi appears to be pretty, successful, and smart. But if you get to know her better, it becomes clear that she naively depends on faith healers and astrologers to keep her life together! She frequently took Ashton to Kabbalah sessions for spiritual counseling when they were together and even dressed him up in white and dragged him to Israel (photo above) for a “spiritual journey.” For years she has depended on the advice of new age faith healer/astrologer Paddi Moore,who lives in Mexico, and frequently flies her in for counseling sessions. At one time Demi contemplated paying the astrologer to move to the US to be closer to her. THAT’S how dependent Demi is on astrology and it appears that Ashton was the SMART one for leaving that marriage.

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