Dr Arnie Klein: How The Mighty Have Fallen

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Dr Arnie Klein: How The Mighty Have Fallen

An open house on Windsor Avenue in Hancock Park today revealed how opulentlyMichael Jackson’s former dermatologist Dr Arnie Klein lived before his bankruptcy. His 11,000 sq ft mansion was said to have been built by the Wrigley family in 1914, and now it’s being offered in a court ordered bankruptcy sale for $4,250,000. The 8 bedroom house with an elevator would ordinarily cost much more, but there was a fire that completely destroyed the kitchen in 2010, and the once beautiful house is in disrepair, except for the perfect gardens. Dr Klein and his houseguests escaped the fire without injury. According to a visitor, one souvenir of Dr Klein’s glamorous past life remains in the house – a framed invitation from Elizabeth Taylor still hanging on the wall.

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