Leave Paula Deen Alone!

Okay. That’s enough. Paula Deen has been “punished” more than sufficiently for her verbal blunder. Now that Wal-Mart has dropped her, we’re starting to feel sorry for the woman. We’ve never been a fan of that kind of cooking, and we were not happy about her concealed diabetes and deal with the drug company. Her accent gets on our nerves. But this is a free country and people say stupid things sometimes. We didn’t like what happened to Mel Gibson (another non-favorite of ours) and Paula is being condemned with the same ferocity. She was WRONG, but a sincere apology should be enough. Get over it and stop being so vindictive.

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  1. Dear Miss Paula, being from Texas, many many of my friends and I would love for you to know that we are behind you 100%!!! It hurt me deeply to watch you suffer unnecessary pain, grief and undo embarrassment…our hearts go out to you and your family, this too shall pass, take the high road my love, and there will be a silver lining to all of this rcomment_IDiculous mess. Much love and kindness, fondly, Cindy Parham, Stephenville, Tx. We love you bunches honey bunny!!!

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