Charlie Hunnam Is More Than Equipped To Play Christian Grey

We can’t understand why fans of “Fifty Shades of Grey” are making such a fuss over the casting choices. Fans are outraged that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were selected for the leading roles. In our opinion, not-so-familiar actors let the audience concentrate on the story and make it more real and enjoyable. For example, when someone like Tom Cruise is in a movie, we never forget who he is and he always seems to be playing himself. HE overrides the plot. A new face makes the story seem real. Charlie Hunnam, 33, looks like a young Brad Pitt, is English, and has sold several screenplays. Picture him without the “Sons of Anarchy” facial hair and you’ve got a sexy Christian Grey. And Dakota Johnson is attractive and the appropriate age. The movie will be better without intrusive “big name” stars.

Top Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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