Nothing Surprises Kathie Lee Gifford About Her Husband

We love OLD gossip too. How funny was that story that came out yesterday aboutJohnny Carson’s wife having an affair with ballplayer Frank Gifford back in the day? Young Gifford was quite a ladies man and Joanne Carson had a huge crush on him, according to Carson’s lawyer who recently wrote a book. The lawyer says Johnny suspected Joanne of cheating and learned she had a secret “love nest” apartment with photos of Gifford all over the place where they rendezvoused. Johnny caught her and eventually they divorced. We wondered how 83 year old Frank’s present day wife Kathy Lee would react to all this. According to the NY Post, she vacillated between “Frank says it didn’t happen” to “Maybe” to “Frank can’t remember.” To her credit, Kathie Lee DID see the humor in it.

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