Conrad Murray: The Late Michael Jackson Has No Right To Privacy

Michael Jackson’s kids probably feel awful now that Conrad Murray is out of jail and doing interviews right and left. Apparently dead patients have no right to privacy because Murray is revealing as many Michael secrets as he can remember. One unpleasant detail is the fact that according to the talkative doctor, Michael was incontinent. It makes sense, Propofol is used for patients having surgery and they have empty bladders. Michael needed a catheter to make it through a night of Propofol sleep. THAT’S how insane his drug addiction was. Murray said Michael always wore black pants in case he leaked in the daytime. The doctor also verified that Michael did not father any of his children. We suspect he’s planning to sell what he knows about their lineage for a big price, along with his own opinion as to whether Michael was a pedophile.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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