There’s Something Wrong With Nicole Richie And Marcia Cross

Celebrity revelations can come from unexpected places. A young woman named Jennifer Bruhl worked as a paparazzi in Hollywood for three “insane” years before she retired and wrote a book called “Shooting Stars”which was excerpted in the NY Post. Among her disclosures were a story about Seal’s nasty temper (no surprise to us or to Heidi Klum) and the fact that female paparazzi are dealt with more harshly by female celebrities. Jennifer noted that when female celebrities are confronted by a pack of photographers, they single out and berate the girls. Hilary Duffwas known to verbally attack the women, but by far the worst wereMarcia Cross and Nicole Ritchie. Their insults to the female paparazzi were evil and vulgar. What’s their problem?

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