Sharon Osbourne Got Caught Red-handed

The New York Post wants to know if Sharon Osbourne is secretly ordering food from the Beverly Hills Hotel even though she’s leading a boycott against it on The Talk! Many celebrities and events have abandoned the hotel due to the Sultan of Brunei’s stance against homosexuality. (He owns the place.) Someone leaked to the Post that Sharon has been avoiding the hotel – but secretly ordering her favorite takeout food from the Fountain Coffee Room there! (She lives around the corner.) The hotel café confirmed that Sharon HAD placed several takeout orders. It’s not the first time Osbourne has been caught in a lie – her own brother claims she fabricated stories about her upbringing. And we all know Sharon is not one to deny herself ANYTHING. She claimed that staffers in her home MAY have ordered the food. Since when dohousekeepers and gardeners order food from the Beverly Hills Hotel? REALLY, Sharon. We absolutely believe these charges.

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