Like Oj Simpson, Oscar Pistorius Is Not The Hero He Thinks He Is

It seems like the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has been going on forever, but hopefully the end is now in sight. The prosecution and defense will present their final arguments beginning August 7 and the verdict will follow not long after. Another athlete with a powerful feeling of heroic entitlement, a massive ego, and a raging macho temper- just like our own OJ Simpson! Wealth and the most expensive lawyers tried to cover up their client’s history of violence. We were particularly horrified by incidents involving Oscar that reporters dug up during the trial. Not only was he caught driving at 150 MPH while texting, but he ran over a dog once and watched while the distraught owner approached the scene. Pistorius took out a gun, shot the dog in the head, and drove away. That’s the kind of man he is.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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