Our Hero Kelly Cutrone Crushes Kanye West’s Fashion Delusions

Photo: TheCW

THANK YOU Kelly Cutrone, for putting Kanye West in his place! Apparently we weren’t the only ones appalled when Kanye West declared that he’s as important to fashion as Apple founder Steve Jobs was to technology. Kanye considers himself and his wife Kim Kardashian as the most influential couple in the clothing business. Longtime fashion publicist and American’s Next Top Model judge Cutrone tod the NY Daily News “I think they have no influence in the fashion world whatsoever. “ Kanye and Kim continually promote Givenchy but Kelly points out that most people who watch the Kardashian reality show can’t afford Givenchy. And fashion editors couldn’t care less what Kimye wear. Cutrone does admit that the couple have impacted pop culture – but fashion- no way. (Above, Kelly at left on ANTM)

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