Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea: Who’s The Bigger Diva?

Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez has always had a reputation as a major diva when it comes to demands, but she’s usually quite friendly to coworkers and fans. J.Lo appeared on MTV’s House of Style recently with the new hostIggy Azalea, 24. The two singers appeared in an episode filming at theVersace store in Beverly Hills. An eyewitness told The Hollywood Reporter that Iggy was by far the bigger diva! Iggy arrived with a big entourage, wearing sunglasses that she refused to take off. She scowled the whole time and only smiled when the camera was on. When the shoot moved outside, Iggy grimaced and avoided people while Jennifer smiled and greeted everyone. Jennifer was gracious to all and did everything she was asked to do while Iggy sulked impatiently. Imagine what Iggy will be like in a few years…

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