Andrew Dice Clay: Sorry, But You Dug Your Own Grave !

Photo: 20th Century Fox

In his new book, Andrew Dice Clay claims that protesters (feminists) killed his movie “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane,” and probably his career. But we are here to tell Clay that he DID go too far in his attacks on women. We happened to be fans of Clay and when we got tickets to see him perform at The Hollywood Bowl (around 1990?) we were excited. When we arrived with our friend Belissa, we were amused to see that the audience was mostly guys – very few women. When the Diceman started his act, it became clear WHY women were scarce. He went into horrible, unspeakable rants about ex-girlfriends and suddenly it wasn’t funny, it was scary. The men in the crowd were drinking and cheering on the female bashing! The audience became SO raucous and vulgar – likewild animals- that we sneaked out early, fearing for our safety. Clay‘s fans took his insults SERIOUSLY and seemed ready to attack the first woman they saw! It’s too bad Andrew didn’t see the damage his over-the-top female–bashing did, and adjust his act before it hurt his movie and career. That’s OUR side of the story.

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