It slowly dawned on us that Kanye West is desperately hoping to be compared to Muhammed Ali. Ali WAS the most recognizable person in the world during his prime years as a renownedathlete and he was thrilled by that fact. Kanye is doing everything he can to become THAT famous himself. Kanye imitates Ali with his egotistical rants about how he is an artistic GENIUS. Ali did declare himself “pretty” and brag about his fighting ability but he did it with a sly sense of humor and fun. His tirades were aimed at improving race relations, so needed at the time. He was usually fun and likeable, but serious when it was appropriate. Kanye is all about HIMSELF – his scowling rants grab attention, but not likeability. Ali was a playful generous guy who lived by his religion. You couldn’t NOT like Muhammed Ali, but Kanye West is NOT easy to like…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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