Shahid wants Priyanka instead of Genelia in Ken Ghosh’s film?

Barely has the dust settled down around Genelia D’Souza replacing Jiah Khan in this light hearted musical entertainer (which was rumoured to be titled Yahoo for last few months), that another chapter has opened up for the film. Apparently, Shahid is upset with director Ken Ghosh’s selection of heroine and wanted his ‘good friend’ Priyanka Chopra to be paired opposite him in the film. “Wow, it’s amazing how imaginative people can get”, says Ken, in an amused tone, “Now they are saying that Shahid is upset with me and the whole world because Priyanka is not the heroine opposite him.
First there were rumours around the film’s title being Yahoo, and then came the entire so-called controversy around Jiah being replaced with Genelia and now Priyanka Chopra. What’s going to be next is what I wish to know!” On the contrary, Ken Ghosh is ecstatic with the way shooting has progressed so for with both Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. Says Ken, who has earlier directed Shahid in teen rom-com Ishk Vishk and romantic thriller Fida, “In the times when we are searching for that quintessential romantic ‘jodi’ in Bollywood, Shahid-Genelia may well fill in the void. They both really complement each other quite well. Fingers crossed.” Even though Ken is mighty excited about the newest romantic ‘jodi’ to have hit the town, rumor mongers are having a field day. As per them, Shahid has become completely incommunicado on the sets of the film and is sulking away due to Priyanka not being roped in. Moreover, due to this behaviour of Shahid, Genelia is feeling left out on the sets of the film and is quite disappointed about the entire affair. “Please come over to the sets and be a witness to the kind of fun that we are having during our shoot”, Ken sets the record straight, “Sorry to disappoint those who wish ill-will for the film and us but the fact remains that Shahid, Genelia and myself are the awesome threesome. We are having a blast on the sets.” So how has his experience been when it comes to the first time pairing of Shahid and Genelia? “I am very happy that Genelia came on board and Shahid too is equally glad”, states Ken, “As I have stated earlier as well, the female character had changed and there was a certain energy I was expecting from my new leading lady.
Honestly, I am getting that all from Genelia since she has caught the nuances of her character so well. Genelia is right up there. Period.” However, with insinuations that Shahid’s heart continues to beat for Priyanka both on and off the sets, one looks forward to how this story further shapes up eventually. Even though one thought that the chapter was closed when it came to casting hassles for this Ken Ghosh film, it seems that there would still be some more time before that actually happens.

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