Sonam Kapoor to pitch her voice against malnutrition


Sonam Kapoor has been associated with several campaigns related to health issues, LGBTQ, feminism etc. Now, Sonam is pitching her voice against malnutrition.

Sonam Kapoor is a goodwill ambassador for Fight Hunger Foundation which is an NGO dedicated to the fight against malnutrition. Earlier she had spoken about LGBT rights, feminism, health issues and body shaming. These are all generational issues, but basic like food, shelter, or clothing is something normally we don’t think about especially when you come from an affluent family. Sonam further added that she is trying her very best by supporting this foundation to give back because she has been given so much.

Sonam continued saying that people spend a lot of time in a lot of controversies. Even she agrees that she says a lot of stupid things many times. But, there are six million malnourished children and many are dying every day. It’s an appalling number in the country like India where we waste so much. It’s time to give up.

Lastly, Sonam Kapoor has urged media to stop focussing on her fashion sense and films and focus at this cause instead.
Source: Bollywood News original article at Sonam Kapoor to pitch her voice against malnutrition



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