Genelia’s acting dumb, and she hates it

So far Genelia D’Souza has played girls who have got their acts together and their heads screwed firmly to their shoulders. But that’s about to change. In her next film Life Partner Genelia is cast as a super-dumb broad. And the actress is cringing. ”This chick thinks she knows it all when she’s clueless. She doesn’t know how dumb she is. She’s got loads of money and time and she keeps trying different vocations. For starters she attempts a career in singing and she’s a disaster at it.” Playing this scatter-brain was very tough for Genelia. ”I’m not the least like this rich pampered clueless chick. And I’d certainly not try my hand at anything I wouldn’t succeed in. But this character keeps bumbling from one experience to another. She’s a nightmare.” To add to Genelia’s woes, her character in Life Partner is hated by one of her favourite actors. ”Govinda whom I adore detests me in the film. Every time we’re together he’s snarling and scowling at me. I hated that.” Though there are other lead parts in Life Partner Genelia says she is not worried. ”I’m the female protagonist in the ensemble cast.” Wonder where that leaves poor Prachi Desai!

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