Dekh Re Dekh

Some stories seem very interesting on paper, but lose their sheen on celluloid. That’s the problem with DEKH RE DEKH. The idea could’ve translated into an engrossing fare, but the story development as also its execution leaves a lot to be desired. Even its short running time doesn’t salvage the situation. Babli’s marriage in a rich family has already turned into a nightmare and she is back home after getting divorced. But a robbery involves her childhood friend Shyam into her plan; Shyam also is in need of money to bribe the minister for a government job. At this juncture, one more character joins them, Yadav, a struggling politician in need of money for his party fund to get ticket for election.

Since they have no experience of robbery, they plan to involve a professional thief in the mission: Charan. DEKH RE DEKH establishes the characters well, but the screenplay unravels in such a casual manner that it becomes the biggest drawback as it moves further. One can never tell when the film rolls into flashback mode and back. It’s only later that you realize that there actually were flashbacks and by that time, you’ve already lost track of where the story is headed. The film’s tagline states ‘laughter behind darkness’ but neither does the film make you laugh, nor is it a dark subject from any angle. The comedy just doesn’t evoke mirth. Music is irksome. Vijay Raaz is the best of the lot. He’s excellent. Gracy Singh is plain average. Siddhartha Koirala is just about okay. Raghubir Yadav does a fine job.

On the whole, DEKH RE DEKH is not the type that would catch the viewer’s eye.

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