Taapsee and Amit Sadh slam ‘beautiful TV show’ award functions

Taapsee won hearts with her superlative performance in Pink but awards continue to elude her. At times she is not even nominated. In an exclusive interview with Faridoon Shahryar, Taapsee and Amit Sadh slam award shows and talk about nepotism within the film industry.

Now with the superb reaction for Pink, are you bit disheartened with awards, many-a-times it’s funny how the nominations are done. At times aapko lagta hai main is industry mein paida hui hoti toh maybe I could’ve had a better deal…
I’ll tell you what, when you talk about award shows, let’s not single out any one particular award show because none of them gave me awards. So it’s not a problem if you get nominated or not, eventually it’s the same. It was a bigger shock for everyone who didn’t expected me to be even there in best performances of the year. You first probably have to be in that ‘A-list’ and then expect an award. So I’ll try to be in that ‘A-list’ first and then expect any award to happen to me.

But do you feel star sons & daughters have advantage because they automatically get into that A-list.
There are so many advantages and disadvantages they have and so many advantages and disadvantages we have. We don’t have any expectations, it’s about seeing glass half full or half empty, of course it feels strange when people don’t recognize your talent but then audience does recognize my talent. I always say I don’t have a godfather, my audience is my godfather.

With Harshwardhan and Diljit episode post Filmfare Awards, it all came out in open…
Amit Sadh: Now you’re talking. The life that I come from was difficult, this is very easy, this is just acting. Main yeh zaroor kehna chahunga ke hum log acting kar rahe hai koi bahut bada pahad nahi khod rahe. Teen saale ke bache acting kar rahe hai, American movies mein machines acting kar rahi hai, we’re actors and we’re fortunate for what we do, we get praised and make a lot of money for it. Coming back to Taapsee not being nominated, I see life from different point of view…

Taapsee: I see what I’ve achieved and received. I’m always overwhelmed in that and I’m always happy. Mera life mein yahi maan na hai ke jo nahi mila uske baare mein mat socho jo mila usme khush raho. Today when you see award shows, they’re beautiful television shows you’ve to sit and watch people dance and get together. The fact that only winners get to attend the shows is a big indication so let’s watch them as beautiful TV shows. When I got a rising star award at an award show (I’m rising only since so much time) someone from their media asked me how you’re feeling. I said this does not validate of me being good or bad as an actor. It’s just a bunch of people who believed that you’ve achieved something or you’ve reached somewhere. That person asks me how can a person getting an award say such a thing about award, generally it’s like who don’t get award say that. I said tabhi bolungi toh you’ll say sour grapes. So I said let me achieve a position where I get the award then I’ll say how I feel about awards.

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