Bipasha Basu lonely on Durga Puja

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Bipasha Basu lonely on Durga PujaBengali beauty Bipasha Basu is depressed because she couldn’t head back home to Kolkata to celebrate Durga Puja with her family and, to top it, beau John Abraham is also not in town.

“I wanted to go to Kolkata for Durga Puja. It’s a family puja started by my grandfather and we’ve kept up the tradition every year. The whole family makes it a point to be in Kolkata for the family puja. But I can’t!”

The last time Bipasha attended the puja it was five years ago.

“And it was a disaster. John (Abraham) had accompanied me and the entire focus shifted from the solemnity of the occasion. We were mobbed. It was so embarrassing.”

She has not been able to join her family for the celebration, thanks to her hectic work schedule.

“Every year it has become the same. For the last five years, I’ve been trying my level-best to make it home to Kolkata. But it never works out. This year I’m busier than ever.

“I’m totally drained out with rehearsals meeting and preparations for my Kashmiri’s role in ‘Lamhaa’, which starts very shortly. I’m doing my looks, clothes, not to mention my diction and action classes. It’s hectic and exhausting for me.”

“Durga Puja is the best time of the year for every Bengali. I get into a major sulk because I don’t get to be with the family. Every year my parents and sisters go. I can’t. I get very lonely as I depend on my mom for all ritualistic puja. This year my younger sister Vijayeta is giving her exams in Mumbai. So she too had to stay back. So it’s the two of us girls at home missing out on all the festivities in Kolkata.”

To top it all John is away shooting in New York.

“Normally on Mahaasthmi (eighth day of Navaratri) John and I go to a pandal (marquee) close by to pray. But this year even he wasn’t there.”

Bipasha describes her relationship with god as conversational.

“My everyday interaction with god is one-to-one. I don’t know any religious mantras though I love to hear my mom when she chants the shlokas and mantras during any puja in my house.”

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